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I'm the spice mix you never knew you needed!

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"Can't wait to buy again!

This was definitely worth the wait! This spice mix is seriously so good!! The packaging is also incredible & made to be very personal, and you can tell that a lot of thought and effort has gone into this. Can't wait to buy again! :)

Aidan - Customer

"Makes everything better"

This is one of those spice mixes that makes everything better. Made my simple lunch leftovers amazing. Priya is such a nice person. I love supporting this small business.

Simone Aller - Customer

"Definitely recommend!!!"

Priya packaged this so beautifully! As soon as I got my spice mix, I immediately tried it and fell absolutely IN LOVE with it! Definitely recommend!!! Thank you Priya!

Indi Plunkett - Customer

"This will be replacing my curry powder"

I thought this was going to taste like curry powder but No No No! This will be replacing my curry powder. I just had it on avocado and eggs and omg to die for...This stuff is amazing!!! Thank you for sharing your family's mix with us

Anim - Customer

It's all about the love, and the food!

"When I was 21 years old, I moved out of my parents house in Sydney, to live & work in a remote town in Central Queensland. I missed the flavourful, home cooked food I enjoyed growing up. I often tried to mix spices on my own, but mostly ended up with something too spicy, too bland or... just not right. 

My family shows love through food & after seeing me struggle for a while, my dad created what I now call, “Dad’s Special Spice Mix”. He’s been making this incredible spice mix for my brother and I since 2016 & it just had to be shared with the rest of the world!"

- Priya

Our Journey

Want some inspiration?

Visit the recipes page to try out some of our tried and tested favorites! Dad's Special Spice Mix can be used to create some unique and yummy new dishes, or give your go to recipes a fresh take!

Delicious Recipes This Way!
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