The Journey

It all begins with family

"Our family shows love through cooking, and Dad's Special Spice Mix is our special way of staying together even if we're apart."

Slow, steady, and perfected with time

The road to perfection isn't a quick one, and Dad's Special Spice Mix is definitely the tortoise in the tortoise and hare race.

In the beginning, Dad's Special Spice Mix used to be my little secret that stayed hidden inside my lunch box. Mostly because, like most Indian kids growing up outside of India, I was a little shy about eating my delicious, but very strong smelling food. It wasn't until a co-worker caught me one day that the secret got out! But to my surprise they loved the smell and asked me if they could try the spice mix for themselves!

It's been five years since then and through constant trial and error, my Dad and I have perfected Dad's Special Spice Mix so that it is ready to be shared with the world.

Made by us just for you

The story of Dad's Special Spice Mix is a simple one. One that many us are familiar with, and that's why it's unique. Because we're not trying to be fanciest thing on the market. We just want to share our love of good food with everyone around us, and want to show that cooking doesn't have to be hard. All you need is love, laughter, and a little spice!

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